(SC2016 Winter) ["Tsu" ga Mittsu. (Tsuttsu)] Kasetsu Toilet Sanchoume | A Temporary Toilet on the Third Street [English] [ATF]

Author: Tsuttsu
Artist: Tsuttsu
Synopsis: Title: Kasetsu Toilet Sanchoume | A Temporary Toiler on the Third Street Artist: Tsuttsu Circle: Tsu ga Mittsu. Tags: lolicon, peeing, piss drinking, peeing in mouth, prostitution Pages: 22 Translator/Editor: sneikkimies Quality Check: mudjoe2, bagelsthekraken, amaterasuthird If the word you'd use to describe your pee is "sugary", I'd suggest contacting a doctor. Replacing the previous translation.
by ATF, 2017.07.19